Dear Diary

I have started journaling again and even though it’s only been like a day I already feel like this is a good decision. I kept some kind of diary or journal from the time I was in like third or fourth grade up through my junior high years. However once I got into high school I stopped doing it as much. I don’t know why though because it really can help. Here are 3 reasons why you should keep a diary. 

1. It relieves stress. 

In a world where people just eventually stop caring about how bad your life is it can help to have someone to talk to. And all of my diaries became like best friends that I could talk to about anything. Writing really does help to relive stress and to get some things off of your chest. When I kept one I found myself just being a better person over all and not letting little things build up. I am so bad about ignoring my problems until they build up and I eventually just can’t hold it in any longer and I end up taking it out on ones that I love. Journaling really helps when you just need to let it out.  

2. A new friend. 

Like I said above a diary can become your new best friend. I have never really had a friend that I would tell absolutely everything to so keeping a diary is a great way for me to be able to talk about how I feel.  Plus we all know there are some things that we would never ever tell anyone because we keep those things locked away in our hearts. 

3. Memories 

Imagine this your looking through your box of old things cleaning your house out and you pick up something. It’s a diary that you filled up through your freshmen year of highschool. You remember how nervous you were that first day as you open the book and start flipping through the pages. You see a few things you regret. “Why did that bother me so much?” “I had a crush on HIM?” But there are some things like your first date or the first friend you made that will stand out to you and make you stop for a minute and smile. 


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